8 Smart Ways To Break The Moving News To Kids

How do you feel when someone in your family member takes an important step without discussing with you? What was your reaction when you get to know unexpected news from your relatives, rather knowing from your near ones? How did you respond when your husband break the news of his relocation at the eleventh hour? Felt dejected, isn’t it? When the members of your family do not discuss things with you, you get miffed a little. You feel left out when people are leaving you out of their essential decisions and talks. Just put yourself in your kids’ shoes and think about their mental state when you do not make them a part of a family meeting or a discussion.

People often take their kids for granted; hence, they do not feel the necessity to share the actions they take for the betterment of the family members. Just as you feel heartbroken for receiving unexpected news at the last minute, so also, you leave your kids in grief for not involving them in the vital decisions taken by you or others of your family. Generally, you come across several occasions where you have to take a stern step for the prospects of your children and your family. The time has arrived when you make your mind to leave your present abode and shift to a new residence. You discuss with your family members about the reasons of shifting and the moving process. But, you do not include your children at the time of discussing the matter to your children. Have you realized their state of mind when they will come to know about moving to a new place? Your children may not be elated or excited about the move, as they have stayed at their present home for long years and they are accustomed to the surroundings. Moreover, they may also be in a shocking state to know they will have to leave the present school and switch to a new school in a new unknown environment.

Unlike adults, children cannot adopt to a new situation easily. They take time to cope with a new thing come up in life. When it comes to moving to a new place, children have several unknown fears in their minds. For them, shifting means losing their favorite toys, going away from their pets, getting separated from parents, siblings and grandparents, and losing touch of friends and classmates.

It is the duty of parents to give an idea of shifting a new home to their kids in advance and create an excitement in the kids’ minds by imbibing exciting reasons that they will receive in their home. How will you break the news of your relocation to your kids? Keep reading further to know the easy ways to let your kids adjust to a new locality in a convenient manner.

Moving to a new location is not easy for your little ones. You need to take cautious steps when talking to them about leaving their old home. How will you say to them? How will you convert the unwelcome news into pleasant news to them? Want to know? Follow the points mentioned below:

1) Include Your Kids In The Family Discussion: Is it your first time you are involving your kids to partake  in the family meeting? If yes, then be careful in your words. When you break the moving news to your kids, be polite and calm when you speak the reasons of your move. Do not lose your cool if any arguments arise from your children’s side. Bear in mind, your children are not grown- ups; hence, they might not accept the decision of moving to a new place at first attempt. You may need to convince them and gain their confidence by your own ways. Make sure you leave no doubts in your kid’s mind. Give  in-depth information about the move and make them clear and accept the moving happily.

2) Reply Honestly: Make up your mind to reply numerous queries to your kids. They might come up with the queries you may not have thought of. You should know that your kids are insecure about their belongings, friends and other stuff that are a part of their world. Hence, countless queries and doubts will poke their minds on end. The role you have to play as a parent is to give an honest reply to your kids. Be blunt in your replies.

3) Build Up Confidence: Develop a feeling of confidence in your kids’ minds. Your explanations to their queries should be point-blank, making them feel confident. Make your points clear with enough explanations to make them believe that their new home is filled with a host of good things for them.

 4) Give A Tinge Of Fun: Create an interesting image of moving by way of verbal communications to your kids such as, the refreshing garden area of the new locality, the children park, the swimming pool nearby your residential complex and so forth. Also, uplift their spirits by explaining them about their new home, such as the large teddy bear on their bed, the colors of paint in their room, the colorful cartoon stickers on their study table and many more.

5) Highlight A Creative Moving Process: Ask your children to make creative cut-outs to stick in their new room. Encourage them in making hand-made festoons and buntings to deck up their room on the housewarming party day. Assist your kids in packing their own luggage and belongings. Give them ideas on how they can make their packing boxes look fascinating and creative. Let the creativity in your child unleash in the moving process. Hence, guide your kids to bring out the best in them during your move.

6) Arrange A Goodbye Party: This is one of the effective tricks to get your kids actively involved in the moving. After you have finished with the packing for your new home, you should keep few days in hand to pep up to kid’s mood. Throw a goodbye party for your kids’ friends. Tell your kids to invite their close friends before they shift their new abode. Allow your kids to take part in the good bye party. During the party, hand over the change of address card to your kids and tell your kids to dole out to their pals. In this way, your kid’s mind will be wrapped up in their world.

7) Distribute A Little Portion Of Moving Task: A helping hand is always bliss during any work you do. When it is a time- and energy-consuming task like shifting, you always look for a help to ease your stress a little. What better than your kids help you in the moving task? Assist your kids in packing and labeling the boxes in a right manner. Woo your kids with muffin packs or pizza treats after the moving task gets finished. Including your kids in the moving schedule will make them realize their prominence in the family. Also, you both will get a quality and fun time to share the cumbersome task with ease.

8) Have A Last Time Visit To Kids’ Favorite Spots: Surprise your kids with the last minute cherished memories before they leave their old home. Whether it is a zoo, an ice-cream parlor, amusement park, or a museum, have a day out with your kids to all their most loved places. Entertain and amuse them with lip-smacking treats and fun in oodles. Make it a fun-filled event for your kids, so that they can immerse in the enjoyment and carry good memories with them when they leave the place.

Moving to a new place can be joy for kids if it is communicated to them in right manner. Try to keep things as positive as possible.

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