8 Ways To Make Your Kids Move During The School Year

Mere talking of relocation sends jitters to many people. Some people find it exciting to undertake the journey of moving without taking much help from a moving agent. For family person, it is a daunting task to get all your belongings and utilities shifted to a new location. You start working on the procedures of relocation from months ago. If you are moving outside your country, then your moving task becomes pesky, as you have loads of moving work to be covered at your end. For people who get relocated from one town to another, shifting tasks never seem to end. From sorting things, packing boxes, loading items in the truck and unloading them at the destination, shifting has always been cumbersome.

People move to a new place for varied reasons. Some people shift for bigger homes, some relocate to revitalize their health, some change their homes to have a better lifestyle, some move to a new flat for career prospects. If you have all grown-ups in your family, then relocation can be a bit smoother for you. Think of those families who shift to a new abode with kids in the middle of the school year. It sounds an impossible task, isn’t it?

Imagine a day when you get a mail from your boss saying that you have to relocate to a new place. The mail leaves you in dilemma. You are in a situation when you cannot leave your wife and kids behind you. How will you move to a new place when your kids are already in their mid-term session? It is hard to pull your children out in the middle of the session. The optimal time for relocation is at the time of school vacation. What if you are on an emergency and you have to shift at your new home as early as possible? Can you wait for your kid’s vacation to start? It is indeed tough to end their session in the middle of the year and get them admitted to a new school in an unknown locality.

If you are running short on time, the relocation with your kids seem even tougher because cancelling the name from old school and enrolling the child in a new school does not happen in the blink of an eye. In many schools, you may not be allowed to pull out your kid’s name from the school register during the school year. When your kids are in their academic years, the moving process is not a cakewalk. At times, you may encounter with such challenging situations. How will you make it happen? Although the task is a hard nut to crack, still you can make the impossible possible by following the eight ways explained below.

The thought of going away from their old pals and every little thing they are attached with make them heartbroken. Kids generally take time to adjust in a new environment. The news of getting your kids shifting in an unfamiliar place and in a new school, leave your kids in misery. As parents, you want your kids to be settled and accept the new place happily. How will you convince your little ones to move? How will you erase the unknown fear from their minds? How will you tackle with the school administrators? Get to all this and more in this article.

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Tell them the positive attributes of relocation. Develop the interest of move by showing the pictures of the new home.


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  • Tackle Your Kids Tactfully: First and foremost, you should keep in mind that children are made of different mindset. Do not expect them to behave like mature adults. The stress your children face during moving is much tougher than that of yours. Not all kids are adaptive to the changes they meet in life. They might express anger or throw tantrums after hearing the moving news. Be patient and calm before you blow off your temperament on them.
  • Lessen Your Kids’ Stress: Tell them the positive attributes of relocation. Develop the interest of move by showing the pictures of the new home. Let them the bright side of moving. Ease your kids’ stress by making them visit at their new residence. Get them familiar with the kids of your new neighborhood. Make your kids believe that their parents are always there with them.
  • Mentally Prepare Your Kids: If your child is a little grown-up, then it will be easy for you to make them understand about the move. If your child is too young, then your work of making them understand will be difficult. After spending a big chunk of time in their present school, it gets hard for a kid to leave the school. From the time they joined their old school till date, kids become acquainted with the school life, classmates, teachers, academics and so on. Hence, they feel detached from their peers after the news of moving is told to them. The challenge arises in front of the parents is to make their child mentally prepared to leave the old environment and switch to the new one. The optimal time to tell them is to let the moving news know few months in advance. Some parents opt to break the news at the eleventh hour. You should know this will affect your kids a lot and the news will make your child fall into the pit of disappointment. Making your kid aware of the moving will give them sufficient time to prepare with the new changes mentally.
  • Talk To The New School Administrator: When your kid’s mind is getting ready to the new changes, you can utilize the time by doing the admission procedures in the new school. Get your kids’ name enrolled in the new school and let the school counselor or principal know the grounds of switching to the new school. You can request to the teachers to help your kid in the academics. Although switching kids to schools in the mid-term may not be acceptable to many educational institutes. Therefore, you need to present a valid reason for your move to the school administrator. Have a word to the guidance counselor to guide your kid in the new environment and for any immediate assistance, if required.
  • Notify Your Kid’s Old School: Before you get your child admitted to a new school, it is imperative that you should inform the school authority the reason of moving. Give the news of your moving ahead of time, so that you can collect the school leaving certificate and other vital documents that will be required for the enrollment in the new school. Always remember that the old school may not permit your kid to leave the school during the academic year. Provide them with the necessary reasons that will help get the school transcripts conveniently.
  • Speak With Teachers And Understand The New Curriculum: Since your kid has left the old school, there may be a difference in the old and new curriculum. Also, during the moving process, your kid is sure to miss few classes in the new school. As the moving is a time-consuming process, your child is likely to make the arrival in the new school after you move and settle in the new residence. The overlapping of the curriculum is bound to happen. Hence, speak with the teachers the courses your kid has missed in the last few days. You also need to understand the new curriculum to make the academics easy for your kid. Make sure that your child does not fall behind in academics after moving in a new school.
  • Banish The Unknown Fear Of A New School: Is the new school of your kid located nearby your new home? If yes, then make a short trip with your kid to the new school. Make your kid acquainted with the school campus and the surroundings. If possible, make the kid meet the teachers and classmates. Have a walk with your kid in the school premise. Explain your kid the sport activities, picnics, excursions, Christmas function in order to instill the excitement of school activities.
  • Family Care And Support: Most importantly, your kid looks for your care, time and support. Ensure your kid to give them your time and be with them whenever your kid needs you. Build up your kid’s confidence by being your kid’s side and providing your help at all times.


 Make the process of moving your kids during the school year with ease.

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