Five Smart Packing Tips For Your Move

Starting off for a business trip or for a family outing could be exciting and fun. But the gruelling task of packing your luggage is indeed a daunting task. Countless small items are missed when filling your stuff in the bag. Keeping all the necessary items in mind and fitting them in the suitcase can leave your packing at sixes and sevens. One tends to skip several things while packing.

If packing your luggage for an outing can confuse your mind, then put yourself in a situation when you have to pack your home to move to a new place. Getting jitters imagining about the situation is quite normal. For various reasons people need to leave their place and locate a new place to stay. Packing your baggage is one thing and packing your entire home for moving is another. You need to take care and be mindful to every small and big thing you have to carry along at your new abode. Since you have spent a big chunk of life at your present home, a pile of things are stored for you to shift in your prospective residence. A close attentiveness to things can leave your jitters behind and can make packing a real fun. How? Read the points below to get an idea of a smart and money saving packing tips before you move.

Mere thinking of packing sends butterflies in your stomach? If you keep your cool and follow the useful tips shifting your stuff to a new location is a day’s work. It takes a few weeks to chart out and work out accordingly before your moving date arrives.

Smart moving tips

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  • Tick On The Necessary Items: First off, you need to think on the purpose of your move. Is it your temporary or permanent move? Based on that, you need to tick on the stuff you want to shift ahead at your new residence. If it is your temporary move, you can leave few things in your store room, taking only the necessary goods along with you. For your permanent move, make a tick on all the small and big items you would require to use at your new place.


Have a separate and easily identifiable box of must-haves such as toilet paper, shaving kit, toaster, juicer, water bottles, first-aid kit and other gettable items..

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  • Moving Supplies: When you make your mind on choosing the items you need to be shifted, get hold of packing supplies. You can get the supplies from your friends’ home or from your office storage. Figure out the household stuff required to be carried along and then start purchasing the packing supplies. To save time, browse the internet and have a look at the online services like Amazon that would help save money and would give an array of choices on the packing supplies. If you have sufficient time, purchase the supplies from the local retailers and grocery shops.
  • Sort Out The Packing Boxes: Collect different size of boxes as per your requirement. Keep a box for dispensable items in separate boxes. Make arrangement of average-size boxes for crockeries, showpieces, potteries, lampsheds, blankets, pillows, etc. Pack large boxes for electric appliances, chandeliers, mirror appliances and so forth.
  • Name The Boxes: After you put in the items in the separate boxes, it is imperative to name each of the boxes, as it will help your mover to do the load and unload process with ease. For delicate and brittle items packed in the boxes, make a catchy label of such boxes to stave off from damage. Likewise, you can mark for the other boxes, depending on the material.
  • Must-Have Packs: Have a box of must-haves such as toilet paper, shaving kit, toaster, juicer, water bottles, first-aid kit and other gettable items as you enter you new home in the first place.


These tips will help you pack smart for your secure move.

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