Seven Ways Of Saving Money When You Move

When you go out for shopping groceries or clothes, you try to curb the shopping costs, so that you can have some extra cash in your wallet. Who does not want to elevate the financial condition? To meet a higher cost of living, you take necessary steps to save money from whichever way suits you the best. Don’t you find ways to cut cost without breaking the bank? To add more amount in your bank account, you cut down your favorite things such as visit less to the shopping malls, purchase only the essential stuff, prepare delicacies at home instead of dining out at restaurants, purchase local brands instead of indulging yourself in branded items, look for discount outlets and so on. In short, you make sure that every dollar is spent wisely and you can save cash from every dollar you expend.

The same rule applies when you move to a new location. The excitement of moving to a new home lingers in your mind for long. You brighten up your new home with classy furniture and decorative showpieces. In the process of elevating your living style at your new abode, you break the bank in purchasing expensive items. In a bid to make your new residence look posh and modish, you end up in higher expenses. While you indulge in buying furniture and other pricey stuff to embellish your new home, you tend to slip your mind that you have to spend cash on your moving process.

From hiring your mover to shifting your household items at your new home, it requires a lot of money. To have a decent lifestyle in the expensive days is not a cakewalk. You need to save money while you spend to survive in the long run. When there are endless moving costs are lined up in front of you, how can you cut down the moving expense? How will you go about it? How about having extra cash in your wallet after spending money during relocation? Does it sound impossible? No, it isn’t! By following seven simple ways, you can save money when you move. Read this article below and let the cash double up in your wallet without breaking the bank in the moving expenditure.

After having done with your shopping on the household stuff, you are taken aback to see the list of expenses. You must be pondering how to curb the moving cost, as a lot of money has been expended in buying the household objects for your new flat. Whether your new residence is few blocks away from your present residence or in a different town, you will require a moving truck to get your belongings shifted at the new location. There are several other things where you might seek help of a moving company. Is there a way out to prevent your hard-earned money flow in the wrong direction of unessential moving expenses? Yes! You can let the cash flow back in your wallet by way of smart ways during the moving process.

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Some moving companies do not include the cost of mileage in the moving cost. Before you make your mind to hire a mover, make sure that the cost of mileage should be a part of the moving cost by your mover.


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  • Talk To The Mover In Advance: It has been observed that people call for a moving company at the eleventh hour. The minute when they are about to make their shifting at a new home, they book a moving company few days before their moving day. You should never hire a mover a week prior your move. By doing this, you end up in higher moving expense. You do not get enough time to negotiate about your moving expense to your mover. Few things your mover might get for you if you call for your mover in advance. You can also have the time to make a list of things your mover will not get for you. Hence, it is recommended to make a deal with your mover at least seven to eight weeks prior you are about to move. This will give you sufficient time to pay attention on the stuff which is not there in your mover’s list. Many a time, people purchase things which are available with the moving agent; thereby, they increase their moving costs by buying the same things twice.
  • Secure The Rental Truck Ahead In Time: Booking the rental truck in the festive seasons can land your moving in trouble. The festive seasons are usually the busy periods of business people. You may not get a rental truck in the busy seasons on time. At such times, you will have to hire a vehicle from other agents and the cost will break the bank. At other times, you may get a rental truck from a mover in the festive months, but you will be charged more than you expected. Therefore, make your shifting process during off seasons when moving trucks are easily available and at a relatively low cost.
  • Have At least Three Quotes: At the time you negotiate with your moving agent, make sure you have at least three quotes from your mover. This will help you have a check in the moving expense when you have different choices of quotes with you.
  • Check On The Additional Costs: Have you checked the parking space near your new home? If not, then have a trip at the parking space of your new high rise apartment. Most of the time, people overlook the parking area of their new locality. By doing so, they incur extra moving cost charged by their movers. If your new home has no sufficient parking space, then your mover will have to shift your belongings into another truck once the rental truck is reached at its destination. The cost of two rental truck will add extra cost in your moving expense.
  • Ask About The Mileage And Insurance To Your Mover: Some moving companies do not include the cost of mileage in the moving cost. Before you make your mind to hire a mover, make sure that the cost of mileage should be a part of the moving cost by your mover. If the mileage cost is covered in the moving cost from your mover’s part, then look for the coverage of miles mentioned by your mover. Do not overlook the insurance policy of your moving company. Make a proper check of all the points enumerated in the insurance policy. Register with your mover only after you assess and understand all the points that are brought up in the insurance policy.
  • Chalk Out Your Moving Schedule: Keep ample days in hand to make a checklist of dos and don’ts regarding your moving process. You must be skilled in quick moves, but shifting to a new flat in the less time span requires a proper planning. To be on a safe side, it is best to create a chart of your moving schedule many days before your moving date. You may stumble upon and miss some essential things in the last minute, if you do not plan the moving schedule ahead in time. Dump the last minute exhaustion and be at ease on your moving day by way of proper planning. The upside of proper planning is you can expect to save more money in your bank account. Chalk out an infallible timeline that will help you conserve your physical energy and save your dollars from getting expended.
  • Keep A Track Of Moving Budget: The best ways to save your money is to keep a track of moving budget. Enlist your priorities and imperative moving expenses in the budget list. As you will pen down the necessary items and other stuff which are needed for the shifting process, you will get to see the moving expenses shooting up. It is requisite to know the must-have items in the budget list and then carry out the shifting process accordingly. Hence, keeping a track of budget is a smart way to minimize the moving cost. Keep the essential moving budget in sight to stave yourself off from higher expense.


These are some of the tips which will help you save some money during your move. Save money for a convenient move. If you have some tips which we did not cover, do let us know in comment section and we will add them for the benefit of our readers.

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