Appoint An Expert Cleaner Before You Leave A Rental Flat

Everyone weaves a dream of having their own home. But the skyrocketing home prices don’t give wings to all dreams. People save their earning and opt to stay at rental homes in the hope of making their dream home some day. When the day arrives to make their stay at their desired flat, many slip their mind to take an imperative step for the rental home they have been living for so long.

Land owners when lease their home to others, expect their tenants to take care of the maintenance part during the tenure of the stay. Likewise, one of the prime duties of a tenant is to get the room cleaned before handing over the keys to your homeowner. Although, the task seems painstaking, take the onus of cleaning the present home before you shift your new abode. You can read some great cleaning tips here to know what all it takes to get that clean look, this will also help you in your new house.

Is the date of your move fast approaching? Are you clueless on how to make the home clean before you leave? Keep your stress at bay and have a rundown on the points enumerated below to aid you on how to make the daunting task of cleaning easy.   After the sorting and packing work are over, keep the last few days for cleaning. Few days ago of your moving date, appoint an expert cleaner to clean up your home.   Go through the tips below:

1) A Careful Glance Of Your Rooms At First: Prior making appointment with your cleaning agency, have a careful look at your rooms. Enlist the places and corners of the rooms where a proper scrubbing and cleaning are required. Make a note of the space under the tables, area behind the sofa, or the greasy tiles of kitchen need special attention. Be precise to what you want to be cleaned. Look for the stained marks and have the shine back.

2) Hunt For Cleaning Agencies: Now, you have a list of spots need to be scrubbed. Look for reliable and expert cleaners who are proficient in their work. You can avail information through your friends, kins, or colleagues. Browse through online cleaning agencies on the internet to get the task at your fingertip. Jot down top ten cleaning companies. Make a call to each of them to know the quotes. Alternatively you can place an ad like this on Craigslist or OLX . There are services like House Cleaning Force and Handy to provide you a reliable cleaner.

3) Encircle The Moving Date: Put a reminder on your mobile six days prior of your move, so that you can have an adequate time to get the rooms washed by your cleaning agency. Before you ring the cleaner at your home, ensure of all the packing arrangements made beforehand. The cleaners need to have a vacant room to get the cleaning work started. Hence, keep your luggage and packing boxes ready before the cleaners arrive. If your new home is nearby your present home, then grab the advantage. You can get your belongings transferred to your new abode few days before to get the old home available for the cleaners. Give your landowner a neat room when you leave.

4) Queries To Cleaners: Set queries to the cleaning people regarding their availability, the rates for cleaning and the process of cleaning. You can also offer a good review on Yelp and may get some discount. Keep in mind to have an idea of the cleaning agent’s way of doing their task.

5) Give Them A Quick Round: After your cleaners turn up at your place, introduce them to their work by having them a quick round of your home. Stress on the places, areas, corners where they need to do a hard scrub to have a polished room.

6) Supervise And Express Gratitude: Supervise your home after the cleaning service gets completed. Make the payment only when you are happy with their service. Express words of gratitude and pay of sum of money as a token for the job well done.

Leave a tidy room behind before you move.

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