First 15 Things To Do After Moving Into A New Residence

From talking to a house broker to moving to your new house, the journey is indeed cumbersome. It takes months’ efforts to complete the entire moving procedure. In the huff and puff of shifting your base to a new location, you follow a long checklist of do’s and don’ts in order to make your shifting in a proper manner. Usually, homeowners have the notion that the biggest part of shifting is loading the belongings and getting them transported into the loading truck. The moving task does not end in loading and transporting your household items. The next and vital part of moving commences from the moment the moving truck reaches at your new destination.

You cannot heave a sigh of relief until you see your pricey objects in a good condition. Once you get your household goods safely transferred at your new abode, the second part of moving begins with unloading, unpacking and organizing your packed belongings in your new flat. Undoubtedly, shifting in a new abode calls for a celebration and you, too, must be agog with excitement to pop up the champagne you kept for this special day with your dear ones. Certainly, you will not set out for a housewarming party at a messy home.

Although, you might not have encountered with hiccups, it does not mean that you will not come up with moving hassles after you start living at a new home. The post-moving problems can exhaust you and make your home in a disorder state. As there are piles of work to be done in order to set up your new home, you have to be organized to convert the four walls of your home into a beautiful residence. Roll up your sleeves and get cracking to do the tasks that need a proper execution after you shift in your new home. Keep stress at bay and run your eyes through the article to have an idea on 15 pivotal things to carry out after you step into your new residence.

1) Check The Moving Boxes

You must have collected a household inventory at the time of packing your household items from your mover. After you receive all your delivered boxes in your new home, you should get inspected all the packed boxes properly by yourself. Tally the list of inventory handed over to you by your moving company. Make sure you check the boxes in front of the moving crew. Do not be in haste during the inspection of your moving boxes. In case you find any of the boxes out of your sight, then you must inform your moving crew at once before they leave.

2) Go Through The Moving Containers

After the moving crew leaves your place, check out the moving containers for any damages or broken pieces caused during loading or in the process of move. If you come across any mistreatment occurred during the moving process, then jot down the condition of your damaged object and notify your moving agency to sort out the issue on the spot. If you had hired an authentic moving agency, then you should be rest assured to get the matter sorted out from your mover’s end. But be aware that there are hundreds of cases of bad experience with moving companies, and if you feel like you are also one of those, don’t hesitate to consult an attorney. Legal Match has some advice for you here. ¬†Whether it is your electronic appliances or any other household appliances, check out each appliance to ensure that they are in working condition.

3) Make Your Basic Utilities Run

You can manage without basic utilities for a day or two. But, you cannot go without your fundamental utilities for a long time. Set up the connection of your major utilities such as electricity, water supply and gas services. Contact the utility providers to start the utility services in your new residence. To acquire the access of other utilities such as phone, internet and bank services, you can do it at your convenient time.

4) Keep Moving-Related Receipts Handy

There must have been several documents and payment receipts in regards to your moving process. Keep all the vital papers and receipts at one place in a folder for any emergency purposes.

5) Unpack Indispensable Boxes

It is time to unpack the cardinal items from the packing boxes. Get the imperative household items ready at hand, as you will need to use them in your new abode. Accumulate the much-needed items such as bedding, bathroom kit, toiletries, kitchen appliances and so on you would require on a regular basis.

6) Take A Trip To Your Home

Walk around your home to have a closer look at every place and corner of your room. Look out for any suspicious signs of leakages, cracks on the wall, or any pesky hassles that could pose a threat in future. If you happen to locate any such problems, get them fixed as soon as possible.

7) Get New Locks

After you have settled in your new place, you must make a note of getting new locks for your future security. Stave off from unwanted access of robbers and thieves from ruining the peace of your life. Get the locks changed for the main doors in order to shield your family from dangers.

8) Install Necessary Security Measures

Security is in your hands. Have smoke detectors in every room to avert from fire-related hassles. Keep at least one fire extinguisher in your home for any emergencies. One of the essential items for your security measures is to have a first-aid kit. If there is a need, install a security CCTV cameras. They help a lot in keeping an eye at your home while you are not around.

9) Set Up Appliances

Unpack the appliances from the boxes and place them properly at the right places. Get rightly fitted your refrigerator, washing machine, water purifier and other home-based appliances at the apt locations of your home.

10) Spruce Up Your Home

After you unpack the rest of the items, now it is the time to tidy up your home. Clean up the garbage and give a fresh look to the interior of your home by way of top-notch cleaning products. Get your carpet cleaned from a professional carpet cleaner. Wipe off your kitchen and other cabinets with a non-toxic cleaner. Place the
furniture and other decorative pieces to upgrade the look of your home. Make sure to create a hygienic surrounding.

11) Get Hold Of Emergency Tools

You might face a problem with electric wiring or a sudden power cut in any of the room which may leave you with no electricity supply for days together. In such situations, you need to have emergency tools right near you so that you can use them at the time of fixings. Have a tool box handy to fix up any electric-related issues, leaking, or plumbing works to be done instantly.

12) Note Down Important Contact Details

You may land up with any problems at any time. As you have shifted in a new location, you should make time to explore your neighborhood and the residential premises in order to know the address and other details of health care professionals, plumbers, electricians, utility services and so on.

13) Get Your Vehicles Registered

If you are a vehicle owner, then it is your duty to have an official registration of your vehicles. Get all the requisite information pertaining to the vehicle registration of your city at your nearest DMV.

14) Fill Up A Form Of Change Of Address

To get all your essential documents and mails delivered at your new residence, you should notify your new address to the nearest post office at your earliest if you have not already filled a post office change of address form from your old address.

15) Have A Bank Account And Insurance Policy

Get your money transferred from your previous location to another by registering your name in a bank to keep your finances run smoothly. Also, insure your health, house and other pricey household possessions by signing up with insurance policies.

Moving from one place to another takes a lot of hard work. There are many things you need to take into consideration before and after the move. Just as you make a checklist before moving to your new home; similarly, you need to make another checklist or a to-do list after you shift to your new abode. When your mind is occupied with the moving procedures, you tend to overlook minute things which can prove to be vital for your post-move. Hence, make your post-move comfortable by following the aforementioned 15 essential tips to settle comfortably in your new home.

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