How To Prepare Your Kids And Pack Their Stuff For Moving

Kids are generally attached to their books, toys, clothes and so on. They love to be in their world and they are reluctant to move anywhere outside their comfort zone. When shifting to a new home, parents make sure to give a new and better comfort space to their kids. After staying in a room, which has become so familiar to kids for long years, it gets a little difficult to get separated from their old home.   Kids get connected and clinched to their bed, soft toys, pillows and other little stuff which happen to be a part of their lives. Hence, giving the news of shifting to a new location is a difficult task for parents. Kids tend to take time to adjust in a new place. Sometimes, it gets challenging for parents to convince their kids to settle with them in a new home. The kids’ unwilling attitude makes the work tougher for parents. But, you have to get them involved in the shifting process. You need to tackle the situation tactfully to make them understand and include your kids in moving.

Note: Don’t forget to file their USPS change of address if they receive mail on their name.

To break the news to your kids of moving to a new location is a hard nut to crack. Kids develop an unknown fear of leaving their friends and their schoolmates who will no longer be with them seem to be scary for young and old ones. It is the child’s thoughts of losing their close friends, school and their most loved belongings that make them more frightening and stubborn to leave their present home. It is necessary to give the news of relocation to them by holding a family meeting at home. The prime point to be taken into account is to make your kids comfortable and to ensure them much better living in their new home.

It has been observed that children are fond of creative stuff. Why don’t you make their packing creative? Take your kids to the office supply store or a craft store to purchase some amusing materials that will make their packing enjoyable.

How To Break The Ice To Your Kids?

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  • As soon as you make your mind to have a new home, break the news to your children instantly. Let them know the reasons of shifting to a new location. In what ways shifting could be beneficial for their future? Discuss about the shifting at length.
  • Assure them that the moving is taking place for the betterment of their future and for the family. Highlight the upsides of the moving. Speak to your kids about the positive sides of the moving.
  • Make your shifting process creative and interesting for your kids. Let them know how beautiful their rooms will be, the colors to paint the walls of their room, the furniture of their choice and so on.
  • Encourage your kids into the creative sides of shifting. Tell them to make cut-outs to be stuck on the room of their walls. Instill the interesting sides of shifting by telling them to make address book where they can enlist all the names and addresses of their close friends, teachers and classmates. They can also prepare handmade address cards where they can inform their changed address and give those cards to their fellow mates.
  • Most importantly, let your children know that their friends are just a mouse-click away from them. They can always be in touch with their friends.


Collect The Items You Will Need For Your Kids

Create an adventurous feeling for your kids during the process of moving. What are the things to do that will make your kids’ experience exciting when you move? This article focuses on how to prepare and pack your kids’ stuff for moving.

By now, you know how to prepare your kids and seek their interest in the process of moving. Next step should be of packing their items carefully and creatively. Your kids have an emotional attachment to their belongings. Hence, you should be cautious when packing them. How to initiate?

1) Creative Packing

It has been observed that children are fond of creative stuff. Why don’t you make their packing creative? Take your kids to the office supply store or a craft store to purchase some amusing materials that will make their packing enjoyable. Before you hop in the stores, make a checklist of the items which will be required to pack your kids’ belongings. To give a tinge of creativity, you will need markers, colorful ribbons, labels of cartoons, colorful stickers, special boxes, a diary to jot down an account of the move, address book for noting the friends’ addresses and a scrapbook which could serve as a keepsake of the records of your schoolmates and buddies.

2) Packing Materials

While your mind is occupied in gathering creative supplies for packing your kids’ possessions, do not slip your mind to purchase the packing materials such as packing tapes, plastic bins, bubble wraps, different size of boxes, scissors and so on.

3) Have A Look And Decide The Things To Pack

Your children’s room must be messy with full of untidy stuff scattered all over the room. You cannot afford to skip single stuff from your kids’ belongings, as they all are inestimable for your kids. At the same time, you cannot carry all the items with you, for the kids’ new room might not be spacious as the present old room. How to sort out your kids’ stuff? As time passes by, children get more attached to their stuff and they are likely to detach themselves from their loved stuff.

Have a look at all the toys, clothes and other items of your kids. Keep separate all the things that do not fit in your new home. Discuss and explain the reasons of the discarded items. Let them know why those items cannot be carried along to the new home. Draw a picture of their new home and elucidate the space of the room. Talk about their stuff which does not match with the color of their room. These little things will help them understand the reasons of their discarded items and will help you sort and pack the items easily.

4) Sort And Pack As Per The Kids’ Age-Group

Consider your child’s age when you figure out the items. For toddlers, you have to decide on your own when you choose the items to be picked for your little ones. But when the kids are grown-up, you have to pack their stuff, keeping their age in mind. If your children are mature enough to know which items are to include in the list and the items which need to exclude from the list, then leave the decisions to them. Boost them up for a garage sale. Incite interest in your kids’ mind to sell or donate their unused items for a garage sale. Show the exciting side of the garage sale. By doing this, you will get shot of the unwanted stuff from your kids’ wardrobe. Your children’s active participation in packing their stuff will make the shifting process convenient. Make sure to cater them with plastic bins for the piles of unwanted stuff to be stored.

5) Pack Smartly

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  • Put some of your kids’ clothes, socks, handkerchiefs, shoes and other items which are requisite as soon as you enter your new home. Pack the rest of the items in other boxes.
  • You can ask the older children to pack their belongings the way they want to. As the older children are capable to pack their stuff, their packing items will help you concentrate on other sides of packing.
  • Take extra care on the delicate items which are very close to your kids. If your children have a creative bent of mind and are fond of paintings, then pack the bottles and tubes of water colors tightly before they are placed in the box.
  • Label all the boxes in colorful bold letters and make the boxes look attractive.


Make the moving convivial and entertaining for your kids. This will help them taking it as a positive and creative move. Happy Moving!

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