Nine Tips To Conduct A Home Inventory After You Move

Your home is the most prized asset of your life. There have been countless household items you have been using for years. The pricey painting gifted by your friend, the expensive crockery set, the costly handicraft items and other valuables of your home are indeed priceless to you. You cannot afford your treasured items to get misplaced or mishandled by your moving crew. Undoubtedly, moving is a daunting task. You cannot complete a moving process in a short span of time. From listing your items to hiring a moving company, from loading your belongings into the moving truck to unloading items in a new residence, the entire process is a bit time consuming and tiresome.

While you are occupied in your moving tasks, you need pay heed to get the inventory list from your mover. The inventory sheet will help you know the number of items being transported to a new location. In the process of moving, it is possible that you might slip your mind about the contents that are transported during the move. An accurate inventory keeps a track of your valuable assets along with the right estimation, so that you do not get deceived by a wrong mover. A Superlist created by can really be helpful to find a good mover.

Added Benefits Of Inventory List
It has been observed that movers receive complaints from people after shifting their new place. Different types of complaints get registered to the mover such as damaged goods, theft issues, loss of a household object and so on. You cannot be sure of your items until the items get safely delivered at your destination. There happen many fraud cases during the move. Stave yourself from such unexpected frauds by having a list of inventory signed by your mover.

The signed document of the inventory will help you get your belonging back, if you had insurance coverage for your items. By having a detail inventory for your possessions, you are able to make a claim for your damaged goods or stolen stuff from a mover. The thorough printed record of the contents in the list will help you in executing the process of your lost stuff smoothly. The task of moving does not end until you see your belongings in one piece.

After your possessions are unloaded at your place, it is your prime duty to check the items thoroughly, for any objects might get damaged during the journey. Hence, you should make sure that all the household goods are in a good condition without any damage or loss. Generally, people are advised to have an inventory list from the mover before they move.

During the hectic period of moving, people seem to misplace the inventory list or do not give much importance to the inventory. The role of inventory is as important as the other tasks in your moving process. During the entire process of your move, you should keep the inventory safely with you, as it is required before and after the move. How will your inventory be of avail to you after you get shifted to a new location? Run your eyes through the article to know more on the subject.

Get The Items Checked In Front Of Your Mover

Do not leave your moving crew without checking off the items. Usually, after the items are unloaded at your new residence, moving crew leaves off the place in a hurried manner. Make sure to get your belongings checked by your moving crew with the inventory list. The check-off should be carried out to safeguard from future hassles. The inventory sheet consists of a detail account on the contents and corresponding numbers. Check each box and each item carefully and then tick off the items on the inventory sheet, so that no items get missed out of your sight.

Sign After Tallying The Items

Never sign the inventory without checking your packed items. If any of your items do not seem to be found with other items, you must inform to the mover about your missing object immediately. Sign the inventory paper only after you become sanguine about your items are delivered to you and all the possessions are in good shape. Signing the inventory without checking can land you up in host of problems and you may not get back your lost or damaged objects.

Allot The Duties To Your Acquaintances

If you have loads of items, it will be difficult to check each item all by yourself. Hence, call up your friend a day before you arrive at your home or seek help of your family members to cross-check the items properly.

Recheck Your Electronic Items

While others are busy in checking other items, you make time to focus on the electronic goods. As your electronic items are being shipped in from one place to another for a number of days, there are chances of getting a minor damage in your electronic appliances. Hence, unpack the appliances and plug in to check if the electronic items are working in a running condition.

Notify The Broken Parts On The Inventory

If there occurred any damages during the move, you should write down and mention the damaged good on the inventory list. If you notify about the damaged item on the inventory paper, your mover will compensate the damaged product on the spot. Bring the damaged parts into the notice of your mover to get the benefit.

Check The Unpacked Boxes

It will not be possible to check all the unpacked boxes as soon as the items are dispatched to your destination. At the most, you can cross-check the vital boxes in your mover’s presence. What about other small unpacked boxes? Jot down if there is any damaged part or any small-sized items in the unpacked boxes are not to be seen around.

File A Complaint Of Missing Objects

In case you come across any missing objects and your mover refuses to help or compensate you in this matter, then you must lodge a complaint of your missing possessions to the personal insurance or any official agency like FMCSA, BBB or any consumer group in your state. If you had an insurance coverage on your belongings, then your inventory will be of great avail at this crucial time. By presenting the inventory paper on paper, you can claim on the damaged or missing object.

Keep Your Inventory Handy

Your inventory is a useful tool at the time of move. The purpose of having an inventory is to tally the list with the unpacked items. The boxes and packed objects which look intact from outside might not be the same from inside. After you locate any damages in your items after unpacking, you should report to the mover at once, so that your mover can arrive and inspect the damaged items in time. Always keep your inventory ready at hand to present at any given situation in order to recover the cost of damages.

Keep Extra Copies Of Inventory

The inventory has a record of all the items and valuables of your home along with the accurate estimation. The mention of estimated value affixed with the items makes the inventory inestimable. During your move, your inventory might get misplaced. To avoid any unfavorable circumstances, you should always make additional copies of the inventory sheet. In case you lose the first copy of inventory, you should be able to present another copy of the sheet to the concerned person.

Who do not wish to have a comfortable move? At times, some adversities occur and you pay a price for the unexpected situation. To forestall any adversities at your end, you should be mindful to take careful measures when you move. Every little part of your move should be considered as vital. Follow the nine pivotal tips to perform an inventory after you move to your new abode to have a pleasurable stay.

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