Seven Safety And Security Tips When Moving

When you are on a vacation or on a long holiday, you make sure you enjoy your holidays to the maximum. You ensure to carry travel tickets, clothes, food and other essential items that are required for your journey. Also, you make a note to take along the first-aid kit for any medical exigency. Whether you are heading for a week-long vacation or for an excursion, you do not forget to take must-have items with you in order to safeguard yourself from any problems. People who relocate from one place to another need to safe and secure to prevent any hassles affect them and their move.

When the moving process is going at full tilt, you may slip your mind on some vital things that you may feel less important. What if you meet with injuries, mishaps during your move? When your mind is occupied in moving procedures, you may come across with any dangers, accidents that may put a halt to your moving process. Getting your belongings properly transported is always a major concern for any person. You should take care to prevent yourself from any mishaps. Although you have no control over any unlucky happenings, still you have to be alert and take every precaution for your happy move.

Remember, moving can land you in problems. Do not let the moving hassles influence your moving journey. Your ignorance can make you fall into the pit of dangers during your move. What will you do if your injuries do not let you move in your new flat? What if you slip from a wet staircase of your new apartment? What if a box of brittle items gets broken at the time of handing over by your mover? What will you do if you get a backache for having carried a heavy item?

There are several other points which include in the list of safety and security measures that are needed for a safe moving. With simple safety moving tips, you can have a hassle-free moving with ease. Keep reading this article and get to know indispensable points on safety and security when moving to a new location.

You make a to-do list of the items you want to shift at your new abode. In the same manner, you should make a list of safety and security to make your moving process run smoothly. How will you go about it? What points you need to cover to stave yourself off from possible dangers?

1) Supervise The Hazardous Zones: Keep dangers at bay by supervising the hazardous zones in advance. Check on the parking areas, sidewalks, poles and other hazardous spots which can land the moving in trouble. The poles in front of your house can prevent the rental truck from moving further towards its destination. Before the rented truck is ready to park near your home, check on the parking zone few days in advance. Keep the walkway dry by using traction mat.

The wet walkway makes the passage slippery, making the move accidental. Hire a traction mat from a moving agent to protect yourself from dangers. At times, the sidewalks are not clearly visible which lead in accidents. Are the sidewalks close to your home noticeable? If not, then you can draw attention to the sidewalks by marking with colorful chalks. These simple steps will save your life and will also make your move comfortable.

2) Purchase Or Hire The Right Moving Equipment: No one wants to invite mishaps at their end. Moreover, accidents during moving are inevitable. Hence, be cautious in your move. Why injure your back or leg by carrying heavy items? Put some extra bucks to have a comfy move by hiring or purchasing the right moving equipment. You do not have to move the double-door refrigerator, if you are moving all by yourself. Moving equipment is available to the moving agents or you can them in the stores who sell moving supplies on rent.

You can either rent or purchase a dolly, straps and so on. Relax your body during the move by getting a dolly for shifting heavy items from one place to another. You can also use the dolly for stacking boxes to make the loading into the truck conveniently. Get hold of straps to fix the boxes properly, as the straps will help keep the boxes fasten at one place. Straps will prevent the boxes from falling and thereby save you from accidents.

This is one of the reason you must consider hiring a full service mover.

3) How Much Do The Boxes Weigh? Generally, when people pack their stuff and place them into the packing boxes, they tend to overlook the weight of the boxes. You feel all the items you have sorted are important and you keep on putting your items into the boxes without considering the weight of the boxes. As a result, when you lift a box at the time of your moving, you strain your leg or your back. At times, the heavy boxes make you imbalance and you end up in a mishap. When your foot gets imbalanced because of the overloaded boxes you carry, the chances of falling and injuring yourself get increased. Hence, when you pack your stuff, keep in mind the weight of the boxes. Do not overload the boxes.

After you place the stuff in the boxes, lift them once to check the weight. There could be some boxes which you might need to lift by yourself from your flat to the moving truck. You should keep the weight of all the boxes less than 50 pounds, so that you can move them with ease. The same rule applies to your new home. After the boxes are unloaded from the truck, you need to lift and carry them back in your new flat. Therefore, check the weight of the boxes before you proceed your moving journey.

4) Hold The Boxes Tightly: When you pass the boxes from one person to other, ensure to hold the boxes tightly. If you hold lose any of the boxes, you can put yourself in peril. The boxes contain pricey items. Hence, focus on the boxes when you pass them to your friend or to the moving agents. Be mindful when you load the boxes into the truck. Your carelessness in handling the boxes can be a reason of a mishap. Do not let your attention get diverted at the time of passing and loading the boxes.

5) Crush Or Damage Unused documents and files: After sorting through the essential files and documents, you dump the unessential papers into the trash bin. By doing so, you welcome unknown people to know your imperative information that do not seem to be vital for you anymore. Tear off the official papers into shreds. The information that is printed on the bank statements, credit cards and other official documents can be reused by thieves. Therefore, bear in mind to crush or damage unused official papers and files, so that your personal information is known only to you and cannot be faked or reused by anyone else.

6) Note Down Emergency Contact Numbers: You may require a medical assistance during your move. Have a diary of emergency contact numbers with you when you are on the way to your new home. Having emergency contact numbers will reduce your moving stress and give you strength to fight with threatening situations. You should be on your toes to tackle any adverse event come your way. Have a look at the contact numbers before you commence your move. The list of emergency numbers must have the services of ambulance, police, fire, hospitals, doctors, chemist stores, helpline numbers, education institutions and so forth.

7) Other Must-Have Kits: Always have a medicine kit with you during the move. Carry a kit of mobile charger as you may require to make calls on and off. Before the mobile battery gets drained, you can put the mobile on charge when you are on the move. Carry a laptop with you as the need of sending mails or for browsing internet may arise any time in your move.

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