Six Things To Do During Change of Address

Changing an address is a very difficult task; this is why most of the people rarely do this. However, if you are in a transferable job you have to change your address frequently and have to go through many processes of change of address. Your new home is all you want for the location, friendly neighbors and convenience. But a lot of painstaking tasks are attached to it before you enjoy your new residence.

1. Postal Mail Forwarding With USPS:

USPS Change of Address Service has become very easy to apply, as online submission of change of address application is available. This is a very important task to complete before you do anything else. USPS will verify all the information that you have provided related to change of address. After applying for the ‘Change of Address’ service USPS will forward your mails to your new address for one year. You can also fill out and submit the forms available in the nearest USPS stores or at the leasing office. However, online procedure is more convenient. Moreover, USPS provides free service to you if you send a request through the mail.

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2. USCIS – AR11Form Completion for Non-US Citizens:

If you are a non-US citizen, but residing in the United States, you must notify the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) within 10 days of changing your residential address in the United States. People who are over the age of 14 years should also apply for this. With the USCIS, an individual must file Form AR-11. Moreover, USCIS has recently added online filing of Form AR-11 from their website USCIS AR11 Change of Address.

3. Change of Billing Address in Bank:

Your process of changing address will be incomplete if you don’t change your billing address after you move to a new address. As your billing, information is attached to the credit card, many banks do not provide a future effective date for the new address. This is why; you can change your address in the bank before you actually move to that place.

4. Changing Address with Your Insurance Provider:

After changing address, you must call the representative of insurance provider to change the address of your policy. Once you change the address, insurance companies will recalculate the premium value. Nowadays, many insurance companies can do this change from their websites.

5. Electricity Change of Address:

The electric company that is available at your area may not be available in a different place if you are moving far away. It is important to terminate the current one and have to activate the future one that is available in your new address. To make the service effective in future, visiting the website of the service provider or call directly to their customer support will help you make this change. One can also take help from the website Electric Power Companies in US to know which power company is available in your area.

6. Driving License Change:

It is another important task because by law one must change the address of driving license within 10 days after moving to a new address. Local driving license office at your new address can help you in changing the address on driving license. All you need is to bring proof of address such as lease documents, etc when you visit driving license office.

About 45 million people moved in the United States every year. However, three quarters of Americans move once in a period of five years. In order to keep your move safe, one must consider these steps during change of address.

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  1. Yes, All six points mentioned above are very important when somebody changing postal address. Most often people forget to change the bank account address and insurance while changing address. So it is very helpful to change postal address.

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