Seven Crucial Tips For A Convenient Winter Move

With the cold breeze being blown in air, you get an idea of winter making its arrival in your country. Although many like to have a morning jog in the chilly season, there are many other people who like to have a leisure walk in the winter morning. On one hand, winter brings the best days, as it is a great season to heal any health issues. On the other hand, the bone-chilling weather brings a host of discomfort. One of them is moving to a new place. The winter makes you stay at home and does not let you put your foot down and step out of your cozy home.

 Many people opt to hunt for an apartment and choose to move to their new abode during winter season,  as the season is the pleasant time when the charges on the moving gets low. The moving charges offered by a moving company during winter tend to drop, so that people can avail them to their maximum. Also, you can anticipate an exciting deal from the real estate agent and from the moving agent. Hence, shifting to a new home is reckoned to be the apt time for several people. The favorable climate gives people the reasons to hunt and move to their dream home.

One of the upsides of winter is you do not have to expend a lot in your moving process. The pleasurable season allows you to save money on your moving expenses. If you look on the other side of the coin, you will realize the downsides of the winter season dumps your moving enthusiasm. While your mind is fixed on the cheaper side of moving expenses, you slip your mind to think on the not-so-pleasurable sides of the cold season. Have you pondered on the snowy walkways? How distressing will it be to push your vehicle in snow-covered streets? What if the parking space is filled with heaps of snow and you are not able to park the rental truck? These are some of the winter woes you can come across during the move. There are other winter issues to go through in the moving process. Regardless of the winter woes, you can battle the winter monster and pave the way to have a successful move. All you have to do is to follow the essential tips mentioned below for a convenient winter move. Do not let the winter hamper your moving excitement. Read this article to know how you can have a comfy move in winter days.

If you are moving to a new country, then you need to pay attention to the every detail you get to hear about the climate in winter.

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  • Check On The Climate: Winter days are pleasant for people who stay at home. But the unbearable cold and snow-covered streets are unpleasant for people who have to step out for work purposes. If you plan to shift your belongings to a new home, then you have to take careful measures. Winter storm and the freezing climate can dampen the mood of your move. Keep few days in hand and check on the weather conditions of your city. It may happen that on the way of the journey of your move, you may encounter with the cold stormy breeze which can put a halt to your moving.
  • If you are moving to a new country, then you need to pay attention to the every detail you get to hear about the climate in winter. Undertaking a long journey with all your belongings in winter can turn out to be chancy. To avoid such unfavorable conditions at your end, ensure to check on the weather reports on the news channels or on the radio. Whether you are an inter-state or intra-state moving person, lend your ears to the weather news before you move. Keep all your information sources open, so that you can take necessary steps in connection with your moving process. Be all ears to the latest updates of weather forecast to stave off mishaps from happening while you are in the middle of the move. Always bear in mind that weather changes rapidly and are not stable. Hence, stay in touch with the electronic media to keep yourself updated about the changes of weather in your city and to the city you are moving in. Do not count on the weather news you heard two days ago of your move. Keep checking the updates from time to time.
  • Keep Winter Supplies Handy: In which box are the ice scrapers and snow shovels? You must be thinking why this question is asked to you? These things are needed to shovel the icy way when you are on the way to your destination. Imagine in a situation where the rented truck gets stuck in the middle of the journey because of the snow-covered path. In such a place, you require the above mentioned items to shovel the snowy streets. Therefore, when you pack the items and place them in the respective boxes, make a point not to pack the winter supplies such as ice scrapers and snow shovels. Keep these winter items handy in times of need.


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If it is a long journey you need to cover and you have an idea about the travel route, then it is advisable to talk to the local authorities about the current condition of the highways


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  • Clear The Snowy Way Or Parking Area Beforehand: If there has been cold storm and you see icy-covered streets in your area, you ensure the streets are cleared in advance. The snowy streets will block the rental truck from moving in your area. Have a look at the parking space. Be sure to keep the parking space free of snow in order to create an ample space for the rental truck and for your belongings to keep during loading and unloading. Is your new home nearby your locality or four blocks away from your present residence? You can have a trip to your new locality to see the condition of the street.You can drop in your new residential complex in advance and clear the snowy roads before you move in. But, how will the method of clearing the icy path take place beforehand when your home is in a new city? You do not have to think much as the solution is right away. You can contact your estate agent or property manager a day before or on the morning of the moving day and tell the agent to inform you the updates of the place. This will help you to take further steps regarding your move.
  • Check Policy conditions With Your Moving Agent: Winter storm and snowy paths keep people on their toes. If you happen to hear the rough weather forecast, give a ring to the moving agent and know the reschedule timings of moving. People who plan to shift in winter should make sure to the read the moving policy chart prepared by the moving agent for winter. Before you sign up the mover, read properly the terms and conditions for winter move. Some movers may include points of carrying out the moving process even on harsh weather days. Whereas, some movers may prefer to put the moving off until the weather gets back to normal. In such a situation, you need to read through the points covered for winter season in the moving documents.
  • Talk To The Local Authorities Ahead Of Time: If it is a long journey you need to cover and you have an idea about the travel route, then it is advisable to talk to the local authorities about the current condition of the highways, so that your mover can drive the moving truck with ease. To make your task easy, you can browse through the websites to get the contact numbers of the authorities of the state.
  • Service Your Vehicle: You must be regularly servicing your vehicle. But, it is imperative to service your four-wheeler before you move. To prevent any vehicle hassles at the time of your journey, it is best to get your vehicle serviced a week prior the moving date. Also, carry requisite equipment for an emergency.


If you follow these points you can expect a hassle-free winter move.

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