14 Vital Information To Know About Your Mover

Do you buy packed foods without checking the labels? When you go to the fruit or vegetable market, do you purchase the eatables without checking them properly? Certainly, you do check the expiration dates on the labels along with the freshness and the quality of foods before you purchase. You take every precautionary measure when you buy any household items to protect your family’s health. Likewise, when you hire a mover, wouldn’t you like to have information about a mover or a moving company for a safe move?

People usually tend to overlook some vital points which are imperative when you move. Lack of information may land you in trouble. Can you give the responsibility of your household objects to a mover who owns a fraud moving company? Have you checked the registration of the moving company? Did your mover hand you over a booklet and a brochure that contain all the useful information, terms and conditions about the moving company? Are the estimates given by your mover valid?

There are endless queries which come up in regards to your mover. How reliable is your mover? Imagine your goods get damaged during the process of moving or when loading and unloading the objects, your mover did not pay heed to take the careful measures. Will your mover take the onus of the damaged objects? Are you sure you are not overcharged? Do you feel you are paying more for the moving services to your mover? Get the replies to all the queries in this article about your mover before you make your mind to hire.

You will find countless movers that claim to be the best service. It is hard for people to know the reliable movers from several moving companies that are emerging in the business market. Have a glance through the article and get to know some vital information you need to know about your mover.

After delving into a number of moving companies, you get a mover of your choice. Before you head on to meet your mover, you go through the details that are mentioned on the websites. You must be satisfied with the information that is posted online. On the basis of online information, people rely on their movers and hire them without having the actual information needed for your mover. Can you vouch for the credibility of your mover? You cannot afford to give the responsibilities of your belongings to an unknown moving company. You ought to know the ins and outs about the mover before you sign the deal with your mover. Choosing the right mover can save you time and money.

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  • When you have discussions with your mover make sure your mover provides you with all the information. Ask for a brochure or booklet that contains the details on the documents your mover will handover to you for your signatures. The brochure will make you know the ways to be followed if your household objects get misplaced or mishandled by your mover. Read the brochure carefully before you make your mind to hire your mover. An experienced mover will always provide you with this
  • Relocation is not just packing and loading items. The moving needs a thorough research about your mover. Learn not to rely on every mover who coaxes you with their guaranteed offers and credibility. A reliable mover is the one who bears registration. To get your belongings transported to a new residence, you should choose only registered movers. The plus point of hiring a registered mover is you can be rest assured to get your pricey belongings shifted at your new flat with ease. The added benefit is you can expect an insurance coverage from your registered mover.
  • Most of the times, people skim through the points which are mentioned in the documents given by your mover. Before you sign the documents, you should read through all the points and understand them before you take action in your move. Skipping through any points can land you in trouble and make your move inconvenient.
  • The important part when discussing about the process of moving is the charges for services which will be executed by the mover. While estimating, you make sure that the charges are clearly explained in writing. You have the right to have a proper description of the estimation. Another vital point you need to bear in mind is to get the estimation paper signed by the mover. If the mover declines to sign the estimation sheet, look for another mover. Never fall in the trap of a mover who coaxes you for oral estimation.


If you have not come across the term ‘bill of lading’, then you should know that the bill of lading is the agreement between you and the mover. It is the receipt of your belongings which will be shifted in the moving truck by your mover.

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  • Have a list of the services which will be carried out by the mover. Get a detail analysis on the services the mover has agreed to execute on the moving day. Make a note of the dates of the delivery of your belongings. In the list of services, the delivery dates and time are imperative.
  • Do not pay the bills in advance or before you leave your old home. Clear the bills only after the household objects are safely shifted at your new residence.
  • As soon as the list of belongings gets decided, do not leave the mover’s place without taking the receipt or the copy of the bill of lading. If you have not come across the term ‘bill of lading’, then you should know that the bill of lading is the agreement between you and the mover. It is the receipt of your belongings which will be shifted in the moving truck by your mover. Before you leave the mover’s office, you should collect the receipt or a copy of the bill from your mover.
  • What are the conditions of your belongings? Whether you are loading old or new household items into the rented truck, you must have a receipt that describes the condition of each object. Ensure that your mover gives you the inventory list, along with a detail account of the condition of every item.
  • Many a time, people overlook about the weight of the household objects that are getting transported in the moving truck. Make sure all the items are properly weighed by your mover.
  • Ask your mover about the method of the payment to be made from your side. Be clear about the payment to be processed from your part at the time of delivery. As there are various ways of payments that can be demanded from your mover such as credit card, cash, money order, certified check and so on.

Do not accept the hand-written sheet of tariff. Every mover has its own set of rules and regulations, terms and conditions, moving procedures, charges and their ways of services.

  • Loss or damage of any of your belongings may likely to happen during your move. As a result, disputes regarding the mishandling of items may erupt between you and your mover. In such a place, get a neutral dispute settlement program from your mover. The dispute settlement program aims to cater with the facts in connection with the loss or damage of any items or appliances during the process of moving. If there is a loss or damage of your items, you have the right to claim it from your mover.
  • Do not accept the hand-written sheet of tariff. Every mover has its own set of rules and regulations, terms and conditions, moving procedures, charges and their ways of services. All these things should be printed in papers. It is the duty of a mover to present a printed document of all the information at the time of negotiation.
  • Be well informed and do not hesitate to ask for any queries you have in regards to the moving procedures.
  • Know the difference between an authorized mover and a household goods broker. Remember, a household goods broker is not an actual mover; thereby, you cannot claim for any damages from the person.


Be mindful and cautious when you make a prominent step to hire your mover. These small checks will keep your move with less hessle and more productive.

Have a hassle-free move.

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  1. I am looking for some site where I can compare the rates of all the movers, being a big industry, there is no such site.
    It would be nice if we can compare those at a single place, I am tired of comparing multiple quote in different formats and it is really a a pain in a** for anyone.

    I am in SF and I think nobody searched for moving companies in San Francisco because there would be a startup by now providing the same.

    1. Kevin,
      That is a good idea to start with. If you ever start something like that, do let us know and we will share it with our readers for sure.

  2. Hi,
    My friend Daisey shared your post on FB and I have checked a lot of your articles on moving tips. I must tell you, all these tips are really helpful for anyone moving. I can say that from my experience as I have been moving almost every year to a new place. That’s part of my job so no regrets.
    By the way any reviews on moving companies in Cleveland Ohio?


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